Want to upgrade your Barracuda hardware units and save money? You can now do that with a hardware refresh from Buycuda. While spending on equipment is never a completely enjoyable experience, the savings you’ll receive with our refreshed products makes it much less painless.

The Buycuda Hardware Refresh program allows you to upgrade same models of your equipment. If you already have an active Energize Updates subscription then you’re eligible to upgrade to a higher model.

Follow the steps below to begin:

  1. Purchase your new hardware units for a discounted rate on our website. You will be required to provide the serial number and default domain for your old hardware when placing your order.
  2. Exchange your old hardware. If you’re unable to return your old unit within 30 days, we’ll have to invoice you at the full list price. You’ll be sent a Return Material Authorization Number for you to include with the return.
  3. Migrate your old data over from your pre-existing hardware. Transferring of subscriptions from your old units to new ones will commence, as well.

This program is available for all Barracuda Networks hardware appliances with active Energize Updates subscriptions. We’ll take on all shipping-related costs.